Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Want To Lose The Game?

Did you ever lose a game? Sure you did! More often or few, you are a LOSER.

This is The Game you want to lose for.

It's a mind-boggling, breathtaking, eye-popping, mind-blowing, shocking, intriguing, startling, stupefying, surprising, strategy, wondrous, creative thinking, honest, reality game.

Before you can play The Game, you should learn the rules first-hand:

Formula 1: You are playing The Game.
You, along with everyone else in the world, always is, always has been,
and always will be playing The Game. Neither awareness nor consent is required to play.

Procedure 2: Every time you think about The Game, you lose.
Loss is temporary; as soon as you forget about The Game you stop losing.
The objective of The Game is to forget that it exists. Good luck.

Routine 3: Loss of The Game must be announced.
Every time you think about The Game, and hence lose, you must say so.

This is the only rule that can be broken, but do you really need to cheat..?


Lose The Game is a website where you can absolutely play The Game whether your online or not, you're someone in between or in the middle.
At first, I was agitated to ask, what kind of sick game is this? As you go along, eventually you will be able to focus on The Game and pronounce that you lost it.

In simple terms, it's a website where you learn how to play, "The Game", and strategize.

You can also play flash games in their Distraction Zone, that are very accelerating, entertaining, and will let you use your brain more often. Some of my favorites are, Blueprint3D and Chuck The Sheep, and it will also entice you with their collection of amazing videos. This could also help you to forget The Game.

Explore through different Strategies accessible right in their website. In this part it can either help you forget the game or absolutely lose The Game, or let others join in so they can remember to lose The Game. Make a blue print, have methods of playing, design your way out, or plan an action.

Examine their Awards that they have achieved as a consequence to what they did. Yes, they have achieved something! I guess their strategy works.

You can also browse their Shop and purchase a reminder to spread The Game and let others become losers as you are.

NOTE: Always remember Routine 3. This is your way out to humiliate yourself more and let others, just as you, Lose The Game.

btw, I just lost The Game. crap!


The original purpose of the website was to provide information about The Game, and to collect data about its history to try to uncover its origins.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Battle A Way Out of Hunger @

I am a Gamer, but I never played a game that would help end world hunger, not virtually, but
IRL (in real life) 

Play Freerice and feed the hungry

What a great way to have fun, be educated, be aware, and play for the good of mankind!

FreeRice helps you on your vocabulary while helping stop world hunger by donating 10 grains of rice by each correct answer. Founded by a computer programmer John Breen, this website is now being run by United Nations World Food Programme after it is been donated.

You can start your battle here:

It is a web-based application that lets you answer the question given by simply choosing one on the given choices, one correct answer makes you a donor of 10 grains of rice and makes the question even challenging. An incorrect one, let's you answer for more but will have easier query.

You can also change the subject to make it more interesting:

You may ask where do they get the money to pay for the donated rice?
-It is paid through sponsorship that supports the website advocacy.

Where does the rice go?
-It is being distributed to countries that's part of UN World Food Programme

If you are a teacher, a school, an organization, a club, etc.

You can create your group by:
  • Registering yourself
  • Go to: Create a Group
  • Fill in the required information
  • Select a, "Membership Request" (Open or Invite only)
  • Choose your preferred subjects
  • Click, CREATE
If you selected the "closed group", send your group members an invite link.
Go to your group profile and click, "Edit" then "GET INVITE LINK" above your members list.

You should also register each of your members to have a login username and password (If you are a teacher or a school, you can register up to 40 students if you register them as u/14 years of age). Give them the link to your group, and let them "Join".

What I love about this site is that it makes you aware and gets you involved on helping others, it's a social network site where you can sign-up and check your ranking, join or create a group, keep track of your playing experience, and learn your way through giving and playing. You can also link your Facebook and Twitter account to find friends that are already joined-in or invite them, to share this wonderful campaign.

Whether you are CEO of a large corporation or a street child in a poor country, improving your education can improve your life. It is a great investment in yourself.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Let's Play Cooking Games Online

I'm fond of cooking games, especially on browser games and searching for it one by one will be a hard chore. Why not put it on one site? Found one!

Cooking Games Online is a free all-in-one games where you can fry, bake, blanch, boil, mix, grill, roast, steam, sizzle, and everything you can think of, about cooking. Indulge to their tasty delight of real recipes and virtually guiding you on making your own dish.

In addition, simmer yourself with their delectable menu.

You can choose:

Cooking Games - the choice of your own.
Ice Cream Games - melt your way into frozen dessert.
Pizza Cooking Games - make the most scrumptious pizza on town.
Burger Cooking Games - create the biggest and delicious burger.
Cake Games - birthday, wedding, for love, or your dream cake, accomplish it!
Baking Games - bake those cookies!
Restaurant Games - manage your own.
Cooking Games For Kids - an enjoyable treat for the little ones.
Chicken Cooking Games - specifically for your favorite meal.
Cook Games - be a fashionable chef.
Cafe Games - be in charge of your own café.
Bartender Games - fancy yourself into bar-tending.
Food Games - yummy feast!
Barbie Cooking Games - cook with the most popular doll.
Cupcake Games - who doesn't like cupcakes?
Food Serving Games - dish up those plates.
Farm Games - an additional delicacy.
Other Cooking Games - surprise yourself!

Games here can be played using a flash player, so you better have it on your browser. You can also search the right game for you just by typing the keywords or title on their search pane. Moreover you can either choose their most popular or top rated cooking game.

One thing that caught my attention is that the membership function is still disabled, I was hoping I can track what I played and know where or when did I get a high score on a particular game. Eventually this would definitely be an option to add on in the future.

All games in are educational. These would be a preparation for young kids to be the best chef while they’re young. Enjoy playing games here and share it with your friends, relatives and family.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Your Android Apps Have Been Tablified

What do you call an Android Apps that is made for tablets?

Having an Android OS for a gadget is awesome, but searching for apps will take you for ages! It will require a lot of your time because thousands of apps are there and every day is a new discovery. Yes there are markets everywhere that serves you the apps for download, but how about informing you what that app is all about?

Tablified is here to bring, up to date facts about the app you are looking for, and if you want it, it’s directly linked to Android Market for download.

I’ll take you for a Tablified ride.

Presentation of Chosen Apps are displayed simultaneously.

Select to their category for Apps and Games and you'll find what you are looking for, their are lots to choose from...

Here is one of my favorite app that's been Tablified:

I was really searching for this kind of app and this website point me in the right direction!
It will surely teach you what you need to know on an Anroid Apps.

You can also win a Paid Apps in their giveaways!
You can submit an app for review or if you want it to be tested and be featured. Their are also lots of apps to vote for on their online poll, and get busy in reading their reviews on some apps. So, apps buff, fanatic, aficionados, or android users! Tablified is definitely the right tool for you! (I wonder if I can get an tablified app in the future?)

The reason I started this project is because I was tired of having to manually test each app to figure out which ones were revamped for tablets and which were not. I was also tired of the inconsistencies with the forums all around the internet.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why not, Ask Dave Taylor?

Having problems with you iPAD?
Hard times finding support on your MAC OS X?
How do you implement add rel=author for Google serps?
Can you recover your lost / stolen email account password?

Why not, Ask Dave?!


I'm not. Dave Taylor provides an Online Tech Help for not so techie and finding hard to tweak their gadgets, applications, software, computer, or internet...

He's not a BOT, he's a real person. You heard me right!

"He has a number of academic credentials if that's interesting to you, including a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the University of California, San Diego, a Master's in Education from Purdue University, and a Master's in Business Administration from University of Baltimore, Merrick School of Business."
there's more...

Convince? well I am...

This is where I search most of the time to seek for an answer, and you should be a reader to know the answer to your queries.

Of course before asking, try to look to their top categories and most popular, see the latest entries and read the latest reviews, or search for an answer.

I already asked him, how about you?


Looking to find me in your favorite social network? The best bet is to start with my cheatsheet page at, or just pop directly to my Google Plus account.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Turn back time on WayBackMachine

It archives the internet for us. There will be times that a website you viewed or visited, will be gone or be updated to something new, then why not save it?

WayBackMachine does that.

It is one of the projects of who founded to build an internet library that includes text, audio, images, and software.

Providing history of our cyber world and be viewable to all, a digital library that makes us look back into what we had and changed into. What it do is, it crawls into each and every website available over the internet and saved it. The availability still relies on what is been crawled.

I salute them for making this possible.

Look at where they store all those Archived Digital Files

Why not try it?

The Wayback Machine

"Browse through over 150 billion web pages archived from 1996 to a few months ago. To start surfing the Wayback, type in the web address of a site or page where you would like to start, and press enter. Then select from the archived dates available. The resulting pages point to other archived pages at as close a date as possible. Keyword searching is not currently supported."

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Creative and Fun Stuff at BigHugeLabs


Tons and tons of things to do here at BIGHUGELabs!

All toys, games & utilities

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